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 History of the T-6G



T-6 Texan HB-RCN, s/n 42-44736, Manufacturer Serial Number (MSN) 88-15220, was built in the North American Aviation Dallas Texas plant as a AT-6D model and delivered to the USAAF on december 8th 1943.

December 1943

To the 3038th AAF Base Unit (Pilot School Air Training Command, Advanced Single Engine)

Luke AAF, Phoenix AZ.

February 1946

To the 4168th AAFBU (Air Material Command)

South Plains AAF TX (Storage)

May 1947

To San Antonio Air Material Area

Kelly AFB TX (Storage)

June 11th 1948

Redesignated as T-6D

August 1952

To North American Aviation

Fresno, California

March 1953

Dropped from inventory by conversion to T-6G.

Remanufactured by North American Aviation in Fresno California plant as a T-6G model, S/N 52-8231,MSN 197-035. Accepted on march 20th 1953 and delivered to the USAF on march 27th 1953.

March 27th 1953

To 188th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron New Mexico Air National Guard

Kirtland AFB, NM. (3 T-6 were in that unit).


































July 1956

Dropped from inventory by transfert to mutual defense assistance plan to the French Air Force.

French Air Force

January 1957

The airplane was shipped to Bordeaux, France in January 1957.

There are two tags riveted on the left side of the fuselage.


The first indicates the date of assembly, january 4th 1957 in Bordeaux (AICA BX, Atelier Industriel de l'aéronautique de Bordeaux)








The second plate indicates an inspection in Casablanca (IRAN, Inspect and Repair As Necessary), April 19th 1957 in Casablanca, Morocco (A.I.A - CASA, Atelier Industriel de l'Aéronautique), before entry into service with S/N 28231.








From april 13th to may 15th 1957

EAA 615 (entrepôts de l'Armée de l'Air)

From may 15th to may 28th 1957

AEAA 1/615 weapon system modifications.

From may 28th to June 19th 1957

EALA 16/72, (Escadrille d'aviation légère d'appui), F-UJC.

Based in Biskra, Algeria. Possibly in Khenchela as well.







From June 19th to July 1st 1957

EALA 3/72, (Escadrille d'aviation légère d'appui), F-UJC

Unit name changed.

From July 1st 1957 to July 20th 1959

EALA 21/72, (Escadrille d'aviation légère d'appui), F-UJC.

From July 20th to September 30th 1959

ARAA 624 for IRAN (Inspect and Repair As Necessary)

From September 30th to October 13th 1959

AAMR 11/661

From October 13th to December 1st 1959

EALA 12/72, (Escadrille d'aviation légère d'appui), F-UJV

Unit name changed.

From December 1st 1959 to October 8th 1960

F-UJVA, "A" added April 1st 1960.

From October 8th to November 5th 1960

AAMR 11/661

From November 5th 1960 to February 22nd 1962

EIALAA 1/320, F-SFK. "1" code June 12th 1962.












From February 22nd 1962 to July 29th 1965

"1" storage.

From May 17th 1965

Cédé aux Domaines.

July 29th 1965

The airplane was dropped from inventory.

Below, picture of 28231, "1" in Etampes near Paris in March 1976.


















The Texan were mainly used by the french for training and also used in counter insurgency role during the Algerian War by the EALA, (escadrilles d'aviation légère d'appui), armed with machine guns, bombs and rockets.

As its peak, 38 EALAs units were active. The largest unit was the Groupe d'Aviation Légère d'Appui 72.


Years later, the plane was recovered from Etampes Airfield (LFOX) in bad condition and later stored at the Amical Jean-Baptiste Salis (http://www.ajbs.fr) , La Féreté-Alais Airfield,(LFFQ) near Paris from 1977-79.

From 1965 until late 90', little is known about her history.


Finally, a full restauration was completed at Bex Airfield (LSGB), Switzerland and made her first flight in spring 2000 as HB-RCN.

She is now based in Lausanne Airfield (LSGL) since 2008.

















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